Reclaimed Heart Pine

Riverside's antique heart pine products are milled from reclaimed pine timbers. Our current inventory came from a demolished textile mill, built in the early 1900s, in Asheville, NC.

Working directly with the demolition contractor and a quality oriented moulding operation, Riverside closely monitors the entire process from salvaged timbers to resawn boards to finished product. The unique appearance and wood characteristics, coupled with the customer's choice of application, gives each project its own personal feel.

Our extensive efforts yield the Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine Flooring...

For additional details & full description of the above grades, click the following link -
Reclaimed Heart Pine Grade Descriptions

Other Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine Products include...
  • Double Beaded Ceiling - 3 1/8" & 5 1/8" Face Widths
  • Wainscoting - 3 1/8" & 5 1/8" Face Widths
  • V-Joint Paneling - 3 1/8" & 5 1/8" Face Widths

All flooring is run to Tongue & Groove, Hollow Back Flooring pattern.
Face widths are used to figure area coverage.

Pack Sizes:
  • Standard 5 3/4" Face have 613 sq.ft. per unit
  • Rustic 5 3/4" Face have 613 sq.ft. per unit
  • Mill Run 5 3/4" Face have 767 sq.ft. per unit
  • Mill Run 4 7/8" Face have 650 sq.ft. per unit
  • Mill Run 6" Face have 700 sq.ft. per unit

Click the links below to view pictures of our reclaimed heart pine products in various applications...